Jin Xi


JIN Xi had a lot of junior Golf hands-on background before she came to the United States. She is an expert helping juniors from Asia come to the United States, whether you prefer long term full-time training or short time advance camp training.

With years of experience she has a unique perspective on helping juniors plan training programs and individual training. She knows what are the best choices for your child's future. After working in junior golf industry in Asia for so long, she absolutely understands the culture difference between Asia and the United States. She can help your child become quickly adapted to America’s new life and quickly integrate into the new golf training environment.

Depending upon your child's situation and different plans for the future, Jin Xi can give the best advice and plans for your child. With a long experience of helping juniors and their parents apply for different kinds of visas, she can help your child get theirs.

Proficient in both Chinese and English, she can help you start your new life in the United States easily.

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⾦熙在来美国之前就有⾮常多的帮助亚洲⻘少年赴美留学以及训练的经验。⽆论您是想赴 美留学参加全⽇制训练计划还是想体验冬天或者夏天进阶型训练营,她都将是您的好帮 ⼿。

多年的⾼尔夫背景使得她在帮助孩⼦规划训练计划和个⼈训练上有着独到的⻅解。同时最 重要的⼀点,她知道什么是最适合您孩⼦的未来的。经过在中国⻘少年⾼尔夫⾏业多年的 ⼯作, 她深深的明⽩中国⽂化和美国⽂化的不同之处,家⻓们对孩⼦们不同的期待以及 不同的教育⽅式。她会帮助您的孩⼦快速的适应美国新⽣活以及迅速融⼊到新的⾼尔夫训 练环境中。

根据您孩⼦的⾼尔夫和学业情况,以及对未来不同的打算,⾦熙会给到最适合您孩⼦未来 的建议和规划。多年以来她帮助了许许多多的⻘少年以及家⻓们申请到了不同类型的赴美