Athletic Development
Premier Golf Academy provides our students the most comprehensive Athletic and Performance Development program available. Premier Golf Academy students have complete access to a fully integrated system of training, mindset, nutrition, and recovery, both at our Pro Training facility and onsite at Premier Golf Academy. Our students will gain a tremendous advantage in their path of development and train like Elite Athletes.
Our Athletic Trainers are the most experienced, passionate, and credentialed in the industry.

They work with elite athletes, but have a particular expertise in the development of young athletes, increasing their performance capacity starting at the earliest possible age. Our program range experience covers athletes from 7-8 year olds, to professional and Olympic-level athletes.

Performance Training
Physical training is preparation for competition, and must be rigorous and strenuous, while instilling a passion for training in the younger athlete. The "stress" applied in training is designed to produce powerful adaptations in each athlete that lead to predictable growth in their capacity to produce high performance, both on and off the field of play.

Our training breeds the "total athlete", with strength, power, flexibility and endurance tailored to essential human movements, and the unique demands of golf. As a result, our athletes are confident, poised and resilient, and continually look for opportunities to compete and win under any conditions.

Optimized Nutrition
As important to athlete development as their performance training and physical preparation, nutrition is the foundation of all strength, performance, and recovery. We teach and coach our athletes early and often on how to optimize their intake, quality, and supplementation to feed their bodies and minds for high performance.

We provide meal plans, shopping guides, meal preparation and even delivery for those clients wanting the very best for their quest to optimize their health, wellness and performance.

Enhanced Recovery
With our focus developing elite-level youth athletes, we take great pride in helping our clients and their families cut through all the hype of various modalities to use that which is most efficacious and beneficial.

We also have a strong network of sports medicine professionals in the event of pain, injury and rehabilitation needs that may arise.

The athlete that recovers the fastest is always the best athlete. We coach our athletes on how to properly and prudently integrate recovery protocols ranging from sleep quality, breathing and meditation, infrared sauna, cryotherapy, stretching and soft tissue work,.


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