Weekly Golf Camps

Advance Training Camp is a 40 hour a week professional golf training program for serious junior golfers looking to gain the advantage on their opponents. Juniors from all around the world attend Premier Golf Academy’s Advanced Training Camps because they want to train with other juniors who aspire to be great and work with a team who has trained and developed some of the best juniors and professionals in the game.

Containing all the components and advance training and practice methods of our Full-Time Junior Program, Advance Training Camps at the Premier Golf Academy allow students to experience what it’s like to train in our Full-Time Junior Program. Full-Time Junior Program.

Weekly training encompasses Premier Golf Academy’s five areas of specialized and individualized training:

Technical Training
Mental Training
Fitness & Athletic Development Training
Strategy & On-Course Training
Personal Growth & Leadership Training
Tournament Play

Once students arrive, they are evaluated individually, allowing us to create a one of a kind training plan for each student. Within a small group setting, students train, working through their development plans with the PGA team on a daily basis. 

Students also receive weekly evaluations and one on one instruction time each week in our high tech center.

Tournament participation is available weekly for your junior to improve their competitive skills, earn valuable points, and get college coach connections.

Tournament camps are 2 week programs that include 1 tournament entry per camp.

Typical Weekly Schedule

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7 am Breakfast
8 to 9 am Tournament Evaluations Athletic Development Putting On Course Lesson Champions Mindset Check Out
9 to 10 am Short Game Full Swing
10 to 11 am Airport Pick Ups Video Analysis Putting Short Game Chip Shot
11 to 12 am Full Swing Sand Shot Full Swing Airport Drop-Offs
12 am to 1 pm Lunch
1 to 2 pm Putting Course Strategy Mental Game Leadership On Course Lesson
2 to 3 pm Check In On Course Lesson On Course Lesson On Course Lesson Full Swing
3 to 4 pm Putting Putt Competition Tournament
4 to 5 pm Day Ends at 4 pm - Pick up or Transfer to Hotel - Bus leaves at 4:15
5 to 6 pm   Relax and Prepare for dinner
6 to 7 pm   Dinner
7 to 10 pm   Evening Activity
10 pm   Lights Out


Our training follows a progress training model. Each week you stay builds on the previous weeks training ensuring maximum improvement. The longer you stay in the program the greater the result.

1 Week School – Students adjust to new training schedule; get comfortable with our training system, and processing information.
3 to 5 Week School – Students start to show real improvement. They have a good understanding of the processes and new techniques and skills they have learned.

5 to 7 Week School – Students are developing great confidence in their learning and performance. They notice measurable improvement, strength, agility, focus, and golf ability.

7 to 10 Week School – Students develop an understanding of what it is like to train like a champion full time. Skills, techniques, and training methods become instinctual allowing student to perform new motions naturally.

Advanced Training Camp

Fall 2018 through Spring 2019

Week Camp Dates Full Day Camp ESL Add-On Mon-Fri 4-6 Weekend Tournament
Spring Camp March 17-23
Spring Camp March 23-30
Spring Camp March 31 - April 6
Spring Camp April 7-13
Spring Camp April 14-30
Summer Camp June 9 to 15
Summer Camp June 16 to 22
Summer Camp June 23 to 29
Summer Camp June 30 to July 6
Summer Camp July 7 to 13
Summer Camp July 14 to 20  
Summer Camp July 21 to 27
Summer Camp July 28 to August 3  
Summer Camp August 4 to 10
Summer Camp August 11 to 17