Our Team


Bret Knutson is a Class A Member of the PGA of America and Academy Director at PREMIER GOLF ACADEMY. Bret has the accreditation of Certified PGA Instructor with the PGA of America and was named Top 25 Junior Coach in USA and Top 10 Instructor in China by Golf Magazine since 2012.

Having been an experienced player previously competing professionally on the Austrian, Challenge, and European Tours, Bret brings hands on knowledge and experience to his 20 plus years of teaching.

His passion and dedication to junior golf show in the success of his students. Bret’s students include PGA Tour winners and top amateurs, with more than 80 students having received scholarships to play in college.

Believing in yourself and in your abilities is essential to reaching your dreams. You have the ability to accomplish what others say is impossible. The potential for greatness lives within each of us.
- Bret Knutson

GREG EHLERT – Co-Founder

Greg Ehlert is a Class A Member of the PGA of America and Academy Director at PREMIER GOLF ACADEMY. Greg has received awards from Golf Channel and appeared in many golf publications for instruction.

Greg has a passion for golf instruction and worked with some of the top junior players in the USA and Asia. Greg has a proven training and practice program that accelerates his student’s improvement. Many of Greg’s students have gone on to compete at the collegiate and professional levels.

Greg has competed professionally in nearly a dozen countries throughout Asia, the USA, and Europe. Greg is a sought out instructor frequently working with top athletes and celebrities.

The path to greatness consists of having a strong desire, clear goals, and having good support along the way--people who will help you endure and overcome as you walk through life for greatness.
- Greg Ehlert

Together Bret and Greg have assembled the strongest team of professionals and most advanced training program available to guide young golfers to achieving their college or professional dreams.

Sharing our passion for golf and helping our students achieve their dreams is what motivates us. We are honored when a student and their family chooses Premier Golf Academy. Our team takes their enjoyment and development as student athletes very seriously.

Kurt Donahoo - Instructor

Kurt Donahoo is a Class A Member of the PGA of America and has years of experience working with  PGA , LPGA  and elite junior players. 

Before joining Premier Golf Academy,  Kurt worked for both Titleist and TaylorMade.  At Titleist, he worked with the tour reps, including renown wedge designer, Bob Vokey, honing his fitting and instructional skills. He also worked with TPI learning the body, swing connection and the importance of teaching a swing that your body can handle. 

While working at TaylorMade, he won both the district and regional Clubfitter of the Year for the Southern California PGA. 

As the Director of Instruction at Premier Golf Academy, Kurt shares his passion for the game with all our juniors students. Using Premier Golf Academy’s winning teaching methods, Kurt is an expert at developing game improvement programs for our juniors and working with students to ensure they achieve all their goals.


Wyatt Touriniemi - Head Golf Coach

Wyatt was a top junior and amateur golfer in the USA. After college Wyatt started his golf career as a caddie at Erin Hills site of the 2017 US Open and the USA Mid Amateur. Wyatt also caddied for PGA Tour Professional, Ken Green on the PGA Champions Tour for many years.

In 2020 Wyatt moved to San Diego to work Full Time for Taylor Made as one of their Elite Club Fitters. While at Taylor Made Wyatt worked with many of the top collegiate, highly-ranked amateurs, and young professional players for TaylorMade.

As a Head Golf Coach at Premier Golf Academy, Wyatt shares his passion for the game with all junior that at Premier Golf Academy. Using Premier Golf Academy’s winning teaching methods, Wyatt has become an expert at developing game improvement programs for our juniors and working with students to ensure they achieve all their goals.

DAN ANSELMO – Senior Instructor

Dan Anselmo is an accomplished and dedicated instructor that has been teaching for the past 30 years. From 2009 to 2016, Dan worked for AGA Academy in Beijing, training instructors worldwide and sharing his passion and instruction expertise with juniors and adults.

As Director of Golf for Premier Golf Academy, Dan shares Bret and Greg’s passion and philosophy on junior development.

Dan has also been a major contributor to many major golf magazines in China.

Ron Stelton - Senior Instructor

For the better part of his life Ron was a tournament playing professional on the regular tour and senior tour. Ron has played tournament golf on every major tour in the world. For most of the 1980's and 90's Ron played the PGA European Tour.

Ron has played in 6 Major Championships and won Twice in Europe. Today Ron sill plays a few tournaments a year as a way of "staying young" and in touch with the game.

As a teacher/coach Ron learned his playing and teaching skills from many of the best and most famous names in golf. Ron's greatest teaching/coaching skill is making good golfers better golfers.

Patrick Kissell - Head Fitness Coach

Patrick is a former D-1 College Football Player at the Prestigious San Diego State University. Playing Linebacker at San Diego State, Patrick was part of one the best college football programs in the USA.

In 2013 Patrick received a degree in Kinesiology from San Diego State and opened his own training gym. Patrick quickly became a highly sought after coach to Elite Athletes from every sport.

Students at Premier train weekly with Patrick, working through customized programs to increase their athletic and mental skills. Patrick’s program integrates advanced training, with mindset formation, nutritional discipline, and enhanced recovery protocols to empower our athletes to truly maximize potential.

DR. PAUL ASHBROOK - Mental Skills Coach

Dr. Paul Ashbrook is a Mental Skills Coach and Professor of Sport and Performance Psychology at National University. Throughout the past 10 years, Dr. Ashbrook has consulted with a wide range of elite performers, utilizing mental skills training to enhance their performance.

Dr. Ashbrook has spent a considerable amount of time consulting with elite golfers, both at the collegiate and professional levels. His research on individualized mental skills training in

BRENDA HOOD – Director of Education

Brenda Hood holds a Masters Degree in Comparative Literature from UCSD and Bachelors Degrees in English and Psychology from the University of San Diego.

For almost thirty years Mrs. Hood has taught at every level of education, from preschool and kindergarten through college. She has graduated her own three children from home education and has taught English at Palomar College and Vista High School.

Additionally, she has a strong background in private teaching and tutoring, including helping students learn English as a second language.

Veronica Lugo

Veronica Lugo is head of the housing and student care team for Premier Golf Academy.
Veronica is an experienced professional with a MBA in Business Administration and
Management with an a specialty in marketing. Veronica is an experienced professional having
worked in both the hospitality area and in personal care. She is an excellent cook, certified in
food preparation and nutrition, providing delicious and healthy meals for our students.
Veronica is also certified in first aid and accredited in human development, providing a
nurturing and warm environment to develop our future champions in golf.

In addition, Veronica is in charge of the sales and admissions for Spanish speaking families and


JOHN ANSELMO – Master Advisory Member

John Anselmo is a legend in the world of instruction and for the last 65 years, he has been doing what he loves most- sharing his passion for teaching the game he loves.

In his amazing teaching career, he has personally taught over 10,000 students and has given more than 100,000 golf lessons.

In 1986, Earl Woods entrusted Anselmo with his then 10 year old son, Tiger. For the next eight years, Anselmo guided Tiger Woods through his historic amateur career including three Junior World Championships and three US Amateur Championship.

Anselmo’s influence and instruction no doubt helped to shape his game to become one of the most successful golfers ever.